African countries suffer from a culture of low savings, under-insurance, under-investment in infrastructure and poorly functioning social security structures. Ahoyi.Africa is a call to action for all African people wherever they are in the World to actively participate in the development and upliftment of Africa. Our future rests on our ability to co-operate.Read more



Ahoyi Africa provides a platform for members to save for different goals and over and above the minimum saving amount as per the Cooperative constitution.


Members of Ahoyi Africa can access loans that are collateralized by their savings to advance their income-generating projects.



Well researched investment projects will be available from time to time to all members.Ahoyi members will be invited to co-invest with Ahoyi in certain projects.

Cattle Wealth

Members can now save and invest in cattle managed by an experienced cattle company.


Online store

Pay for groceries for your loved ones in Zimbabwe. Use the following coupon code 5PCT  to get 5% discount (once off)


If you have a relative in Zimbabwe in need of medication you can pay for their medication from anywhere in the world for collection/ delivery in Zimbabwe. Prescription from the doctor is required.

“Our future and that of our children
is surely in Our Hands”


The solution to our problems are within us!!
But only if we come together.


Selous Farm

Ahoyi Africa Farm partnership with a member. Poultry farming and horticulture.

Cattle farming

Ahoyi Africa has secured cattle fattening and breeding partnerships, which allows a member to invest with other members in big projects that a single member would not ordinally have access to.

Ahoyi Marketplace

Ahoyi has opened an online store and collection points in Harare, Bulawayo, and Gweru.

For Advice and Enquiries Call: 086 999 0676