Agriculture will not only create wealth for us and our members but provides access to the grass root communities in the areas we operate in by offering employment and impartation of financial literacy, enriching their livelihoods in the process.
Ahoyi Africa invested in AgroStrong (Pvt) Limited which has established a strategic partnership with an experienced and successful cattle breeding and pen fattening company. AgroStrong has currently established feedlots with a capacity of 50 steers per batch per month which have an offtake agreement already.

Cattle Farming

Ahoyi Africa secured cattle fattening and breeding partnership agreements, which allows a member to save and invest in assets such as cattle (partly or wholly). This product can be used as collateral for loan applications.

Selous Farm

Ahoyi Africa has formed a Joint Venture with a member to go into beef cattle ranching and horticulture in Selous, Mashonaland West. The JV is following the Government of Zimbabwe’s current land lease program.