Our Mission

Provide a platform to save.
Savings value preservation.
Grow savings


Our Story

African countries suffer from a culture of low savings, under-insurance, under-investment in infrastructure and poorly functioning social security structures. Ahoyi.Africa is a call to action for all African people wherever they are in the World to actively participate in the development and upliftment of Africa. Our future rests on our ability to co-operate. Ahoyi.Africa is a savings and investment platform. Our future is in our hands and anyone with a passion for Africa should be able to save, invest, and get insurance wherever they are through this platform. Ahoyi.Africa was founded by a group of people from different African nationalities. The first investments are in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The founders come from different professions and backgrounds with extensive experience to execute projects in Agriculture, Commodity trading, Property, and Financial Services.


Ahoyi.Africa will be accessible to farming groups, empowerment groups, small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs) as well as individuals who want to participate in building Africa. Everyone has a critical role to play. Ahoyi.Africa will target Investment Products and Services linked to production and backed by real assets. The aim is to guard member investments against inflation and avoid loss of value for people’s savings, through the employment of various risk-mitigating measures. We are creating social security and safety nets for the people of Africa.


Ahoyi.Africa will in addition carry out extensive capacity-building initiatives to achieve the intended results of a culture change. We will provide financial and entrepreneurship training and education, building internal capacity initiatives, engaging in strategic partnerships in line with this as we carry out continuous member, staff, official, and board trainings.